Neo-child Care: A tribute to Ryan Mayes



Michelle enjoyed her occupation.

She never begged for a vacation.

She liked the little kids that loved her,

They’d pick her nose, it never bugged her.

Their innocence would teach her lessons,

She learned one every day.

Her kids all liked the little sessions,

She taught before they played.

But soon her job began to bore her.

Some of the kids would now ignore her.

The same problems, they same old way,

Over and over every day!

Her boredom made her more creative,

She questioned what to do?

She sat a while contemplative,

And then she finally knew.

The kids drew numbers from her beanie

When little Joe called Mike a meanie.

Michelle asked who drew number three,

Ruth raised her hand excitedly!

Michelle told Ruth to pick two friends out,

Then pointed straight at Joe,

“I want you three to knock his lights out!”

And then she bade them go.

This was the initiation

Of an anarchic domination

A reign of terror, and confusion,

Which caused at least two foul contusions.

Four hours long the terror lasted,

Until the parents came

To pick up what was once their kids,

Now tired warriors: changed.

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