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Teenage angst

Take my heart

And put in a basin

To store all the things

That I feel like I’m missing

I try to find or retrieve them

But the recess is still dips

And I can really never place

A thing I’m miss

Cuz when you turn it upside down

The clutter stays distant

As the structure in my life

And I can never touch her

Something of a paradox

When life is over

And you’re breathing here on earth

And your heart spilt over

To this basin where your heart

Once played red rover

With a girl that you once loved

But now that’s gone and over

When your chest seems like a cave you use to hide your insecurities

It seems there’s nothing to hold onto

You just fall eternally

Is there a draft or is that how it feels to feel my insides leaving me

And is the music really right when it suggests I wait, .. and bleed?

I miss something dreadful

Desperation came in place

Of all these lost intentions

That I just can’t articulate

Never took time to see them

And now they leap from my side

To watch my life just steaming down

This whirlpool kept inside.

Spinning down and downward

Until the bones pull at the skin

They say its time to leave town

Just to swallow yourself – again.




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