Upon my Grandmothers Death

He tensed, and grit his teeth and grinned

His heart felt like a violin,

Who could conjure up this sin,

to live without your closest kin?

College is where it all begins,

At first they were so proud of him,

But now his guts are caving in, to live without his closest kin.

They sent him to a private school,

So that his spirit’d not be fooled,

But who knew what that school would do?

And now his closest kin is through.

She kept her hair, but was in and out,

Of hospitals she had no doubt,

That she was going down and out,

if only that had held more clout.

Your closest kin now down and out.

And now he’s here he’s dressed in black,

If he could only just go back!

He’d give his life to get her back.

She never owned a Cadillac,

He only wants his granny back.

A letter told him through the mail,

And sent his spirit straight to hell.

it doesn’t seem like He’ll get well,

Your closest kin to heaven’s sailed.

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