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A Man A Plan A Canal Panama


There is a man at the end of a long dock in the ocean.  He has been there for 9 hours.  At moments the man imagines that the dock has broken off and is floating at sea, he refuses to turn around because he likes the feeling of the illusion.  At least the rescue boat could pull right up.  He thinks about his family, how was it suddenly so complicated, how had the line that indicated the right and the fair become so out of focus.  It seemed like splattered paint more than a line.  How can anyone make sense out of that?  A bird lands next to him.  It makes him feel kind of welcome there at the dock.  A fish jumps and the bird flies off, circles back and catches the fish. “Life is too short to worry all the time.  Smile while you still have time.”  He laughs, “never know when my bird might come.”  He turns to go back to the life he came here to temporarily escape.  When he does, there is no land on the horizon, no ships, no people.  Only ocean.  The bird lands back on the dock with the fish.

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