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Aftermath of a difficult night. (The process of processing)

Heres the problem Im drunk and you are passed out Im here stuck processing all of the events of the night While you, seemingly peacefully, processing the days events through some kind of altruistic, inate process, I am stuck here trying to process things manually with my conscience. Knowing full well that while I am… Continue reading Aftermath of a difficult night. (The process of processing)

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Drinking the Dream at the Libertine

I walk up to the bar, Ready to consume that American dream Often lost in inebriation or other things. That dream that everyone knows happened, but can’t seem to remember. I order a Manhattan, and the bartender pours me a splash From every bottle in the bar. She adds so many garnishes my lips can’t… Continue reading Drinking the Dream at the Libertine

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College and Carcinogens (a song for the dismal)

I came to college, only to begin My lifelong battle with carcinogens First came the coffee to keep me awake, And then the loneliness, my sleep to take. And then the ulcers formed from all the stress, Of getting it all done with great fineness. Whilst lack of sleep and caffeine kill the brain, A slow… Continue reading College and Carcinogens (a song for the dismal)

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A universe exploded Such an explosion It spawned: Dark, light, daytime, and heat. It was cold already. In that explosion, love formed And took shape over time, Just as the worm did. Which ultimately turned into The giant worm. God watched from a close by station What did He evolve from? A crash? Why doesn’t… Continue reading Evolution