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No Place Like Home

Benny and Sandies sat beneath the rusted back porch awning of Carl’s shoe store, watching cars roll by on the road.  It was early October in Texas and the city had become excited by the decrease in temperature.  “I don’t like doing this anymore Benny. Everyone looks at us like they know our life in… Continue reading No Place Like Home

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You got me down (An Anthem of Absence)

You Got Me Down: I haven’t had too much to drink the last couple days. You got me down. I’ve been trying to spin away from it all. Playing  cheesy computer games, and listening to Lucinda Williams till 6:00 in the morning, wondering if my car is getting towed. Sick like heroin, with you. I rest… Continue reading You got me down (An Anthem of Absence)


xanga remembered

..kindadorky’s Xanga Blog 1.1 Thu, 25 Dec 2008 00:07:27 -05:00 really short lullaby Twas a twinkle-toed tooth technician that thought the time taken to trace the train tracks to the edges of the daybreak would be something worthwile.    Whoooo-Whoo! Click click click click ping click whomp. ‘spquidge’ clack clack clack.  Boy was he wrong.   Disorganize. There… Continue reading xanga remembered